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The Joe Wicks January Detox

The Joe Wicks January Detox

It’s January and everyone has gone detox, fitness and resolution mad. Great if you have a business that thrives in eating well, keeping fit and focuses on getting rid of all the bad things you adopted the year before. The industry is booming for you out there.

I actually like keeping fit. I like sports, especially running and cycling,  for me personally there is no major life altering change in my world. However, when walking around Woking, Peacocks Centre at the weekend, I did happen to purchase a recipe book by Joe Wicks ‘The Body Coach’. Not to be confused with the Joe Wicks from East Enders or John Snows twin brother (I suppose it’s the hair) anyway I was familiar with Joe’s YouTube channel as a work colleague showed me one of his videos, where he works out in his back garden in London.

As I started to watch the video, I understood how it could appeal to some people, it was great! For me personally the whole experience of going out with a team on a bike ride or doing a 5k Park Run is more appealing as I feed off other people and I am very visual and like the comradery of a team. I like to see lovely scenes and explore new areas. However I liked watching Joe doing his lunges, no seriously I actually was quite drawn to him he cracked a few jokes as he did his HIIT.

So back to my story, so yes I was walking through Woking, walked into Waterstones and saw the Joe Wicks, Leanin15. I thought well yes I will try this, I’ve got a few runs including the Virgin London Marathon, so yes could do with eating well to help me with my training and weight loss for the big day. Now normally I start looking at the pictures and the ingredients, how long it takes roughly, is it simple, but, this time, I didn’t. I wanted to know more about Joe Wicks & how he used social media to launch his career so I started to read and research.

So this seems to have taken Joe around 3 years, his first video boot camp rumble being the first published on YouTube. However this shows a snippet of his boot camp class, a little snippet of him. Everyone is having fun, looking fit, a good promotion video. But only received 1,000 hits? Looking at Joe’s later videos he has refined them, he has made them shareable by doing the following:

  • Asking the viewer to participate to gain engagement
  • Displaying personable attributes so the audience gets to know Joe on another level

This is how Joe engages, he is upbeat, positive, charismatic and very personable. His opening introduction states where he lives and shows the viewer he is performing the workout in his garden in Surbiton, Surrey. His videos on cooking and training are very quick, which supports the majority of people’s timescales! We do live in a very fast paced world these days, where nobody has time.

As I check Joe’s facebook page  I can see he has over 500k followers, that is pretty good going, with posts going up every couple of hours. Mostly attached with pictures, tagging of clients and videos so his Facebook page is really interactive with his followers.

The campaign that he is currently running at the moment is #leanin15 which is a snappy, catchy and easy campaign to monitor. All of this builds momentum around the Joe Wick’s brand and expands his clients and brand advocacy. I know I have Whatsapp-ed my friends recently about him and a meal I cooked from his book. So it’s working, he has a good social media strategy in place.

So my friends, you don’t have to be in the health and fitness industry to use and take on some of what Joe Wicks has done. Just look for yourself and implement some of the ideas that he is doing but using your own services or products. All you have to do is monitor and see if it works or not, you never know you could be giving Joe a run for his money in 2017…

Anyway better go, got a date with the gym!

Nicola Tait

I'm the co-owner and Head of Marketing at Bluebell Web Solutions. I have a passion for marketing, especially social media and love to network. If you would like a free initial social media audit contact me now.

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