History of Bluebell Web Solutions - Bluebell Web Solutions
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History of Bluebell Web Solutions

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History of Bluebell Web Solutions

Welcome to our company page, we hope you find everything that you are looking for in relation to social media, website development, logo designs, SEO and anything else to do with marketing your business online.

Just a brief bit of history about how Bluebell Web Solutions was set up. Mel used to help me with me with my Mums Cupcake business Bluebell Cupcakes. I had built an OK-ish website with moonfruit, but had no idea what I was doing really. I just kept referring the link onto facebook all the time and managed to get traffic through it. But the layout and the design and the images, were very basic and I found it really frustrating trying to change the layout all the time.

However Mel managed to sort it for me and I paid her to generally put my website into order. She added e-commerce into it, which was fabulous, but after a while I learnt that cupcakes couldn’t really be ordered on an online system. The business was more bespoke and we needed to talk to customers, but yet it was a really good lesson learnt and I learnt loads from the experience.

After this, I felt that Mel and I could work together and build websites. I could act as a consultant and explain to people who weren’t really digitally minded what social media platforms they could use and also explain the benefits of going online. So I approached Mel and she was really up for it. Though my craft is marketing, I like to network and find out about people. I would be out somewhere and get talking to someone, by the end of the conversation I was saying the words, yes we can most definitely build you a website. Our first year was amazing and we learnt so much on setting up and running a business.

We tested what could and couldn’t work which I think again is really good knowledge and gives you the edge against your competitors and also when talking to new clients. But it’s always interesting and when things go right, you can step back and know that you contributed to the success of that.

That’s why we look after small businesses and sole traders as we know how difficult it is to learn everything. You don’t want to be left behind if for example your trade is say hairdressing. The last thing you want to do is start doing digital marketing when you get home (though that’s not to say you can’t). However because we know how challenging it is to set up a business, we decided to help other people to do this using online tools. Because if you use them correctly you generate a lot of business and of course money, which is what everyone wants to make! Right?

Anyway so a year on and we are still going strong and we are loving every minute of it. We have some fabulous clients who have decided to partner with us, and we are thankful, as they helped us to grow our business too.

Nicola @ Bluebell Web Solutions

Nicola Tait

I'm the co-owner and Head of Marketing at Bluebell Web Solutions. I have a passion for marketing, especially social media and love to network. If you would like a free initial social media audit contact me now.

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