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Facebook announces changes that will lower Page reach

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Facebook announces changes that will lower Page reach

Facebook¬†have been at it again…

Conducting surveys and gathering data on their users. Unfortunately for publishers, their feature Pages is going to bear the brunt of the algorithms, the company announces changes that will lower page reach.

No date has been has been provided, but the Social Media giant is currently tweaking now, so be prepared!

The new project that is behind the new approach is Closer Together.

News Feed FYI: Bringing People Closer Together

Posted by Facebook on Thursday, 11 January 2018


It seems that Mark Zuckerberg is taking the platform back to basics, by encouraging a more person to person engagement, instead of users News Feeds being clogged up with constant posts from publishers on brands and products.

Facebook shows responsibility on how much time users spend the the social network, explaining that high quality content will only be shown, decreasing time wasted by scrolling up and down on irrelevant content.

So what do we do as business page owners?


Advertising however will not be affected, publishers will still be able to run these and still get the same reach & engagement as promised.

If organic content publishing is still the businesses strategy, Facebook Community Pages will provide offer great opportunities for reach and page engagement. Alternatively Facebook has confirmed that video’s gain more interaction and Facebook LIVE gets 6 x more traction than normal videos as they are real time and viewers prefer this content.


Next steps

In conclusion to the news, publishers, business owners and agencies must keep a steady eye on insights and react accordingly to ensure that reach doesn’t entirely disappear on your page..

For more information on this subject please feel free to contact us on: info@bluebell-web-solutions.com where our team will be able to explain more on the change.



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