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99 Days of Freedom

99 Days of Freedom

Do you think your life could be potentially better without Facebook? If not actually happier without Facebook in it?

When talking to potential clients I do sometimes hear them mutter the words they don’t really want to be on the platform as it can be quite negative. But I always say that if you use the platform correctly it could really help your business and also SEO for your website. You just need to shut off from the noise and not pay attention and use it as a fabulous marketing tool.

However a non-profit campaign titled ‘99 Days of Freedom‘ is conducting an experiment which asks Facebook users not to use their accounts for 99 consecutive days. Once the 99 days are up you are to take a step back and evaluate how the time spent off Facebook affected your happiness.

Do we need Facebook in our lives? I know Facebook would absolutely recommend it.

So if you are interested in signing up the website is http://99daysoffreedom.com there are a list of instructions where you change your profile picture to the branded image 99 Days of Freedom. Which is funny as you are using Facebook to effectively promote their campaign? Surely you would remove yourself without saying a word? Just an observation there on that.

I also just looked and there is a share button for Facebook too, this does make me smile. So there are 21,000 people already signed up to this campaign. I personally haven’t seen anyone with this new profile picture or a Facebook status from someone saying they are doing this experiment, however I would be keen to know if anyone does do it and their feedback also.

I am not sure if it would damage Facebook yet. But it could be the start of something, if the results are pure happiness then it could be curtains for Facebook.


Nicola Tait

I'm the co-owner and Head of Marketing at Bluebell Web Solutions. I have a passion for marketing, especially social media and love to network. If you would like a free initial social media audit contact me now.

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